Monty and Morgion 053: Marvel of Modern Medicine

12Jul03 (Monthenor): Ugh, it's early. This comic is paraphrased from our private screening of Sinbad, when a newish Meritcare ad came up on the slideshow. There's a dude that looks just like Stan Lee, except that when you reach that age you can't really be termed a "dude". The middle bits of the comic may not have actually happened, but you better believe that Morgion finished it up with the phrase "the force of a thousand suns!"

Also: do not see The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Go see Pirates, or T3, or shit, any of these movies. There's too much joy and light in the theaters right now to justify even a matinee of LXG.

12Jul03 (Monthenor): My film-centric cousin and I just finished discussing LXG at far too much length, and I think it's the most comprehensive spoiler-riffic review on the InterWeb right now. Enjoy.

Also, we just consumed the last Roast Beef Deli Pockets. The end of an era. *sniff*