GerbilMechs 054 : Entitlement

15Jul03 (Monthenor): Apparently, sometime in the past two weeks, CafePress changed its linking policy to move all actual stores under the "CafeShops" banner. So for the third week in a row, I post a link to the store, which is verified correct as of 1551 CST 15Jul2003. It's not even about being a capitalist at this point, it's that some of you may not have chuckled at the l33t new designs. I hope that link stays valid for more than a week this time.

Speaking of which, my order of some of the new designs just came in today. They are MUCH better than my muddled old SPOOGE shirts. Clean black lines, bright separated colors, more variety...GM shirts are better all around. We'll see what happens after the first wash (where CafePress shirts take the most damage), but as of right now even the front GM logo is perfect down to its little pink ears.

Unicorn Jelly may have ended, but the prolific Jennifer Diane Reitz keeps on keepin' on. Also, those UJ books will be shipping very soon, and I can't wait.

No big movies opening this week, but if Fargo makes "limited release" status we might get to see Garage Days. It looks fun.

Happy 20th Anniversary to the NES! I'm off to play some ROMs NES games right now!

16Jul03 (Monthenor): Holy Shit. I thought Metallica was simply washed-up and evil. You know, the kind of RIAA puppets that hate on fans and impose their greed with a fist of iron. Turns out that Metallica is actually completely batshit insane.

UPDATE: Yes indeed, it is a joke, but it's sad that I could believe something like that even for a little while. My faith in the American justice system is gone, something that no Law and Order marathon can replace.

17Jul03 (Monthenor): I'd like to thank Mimi Smartypants for this link hook-up, but I'm not sure thanks are in order for such pain. I'm also pretty sure that this one isn't a joke, except in some cosmic sense.

Oh, right, the link. I suppose you want that. Well, here's the home page, and be sure to check out their hosting troubles due to triclavianism. Oh, and the original Smartypants link, which I hope to all the gods is actually a joke. Please click that one, as I am amused to think that their logs would show a reference from a site called GerbilMechs with a link that alluded to polytheism.