GerbilMechs 151: Snap Decision

06Sep05 (Monthenor): If there is one thing more ubiquitous to a magical girl than a pretty bow, it's a bejeweled rod.

Uncyclopedia, my lord and master, has the problems that all wikis do. Poor grammar, edit wars, and spam all show up and must be dealt with. The other night I was lurking around the Recent Changes page and saw a spam page named "Godboost" quick-deleted by an admin. Within a minute, the spammer had the page back up, and it took an hour before another admin deleted it again. It was then I realized that to deal with penis-pill spammers like this, deletion is less effective than simply making their page your own. Although my way takes way more effort.

Super Muffin Vendor Like You!

06Sep05 (Monthenor): Figures. I type all that and forget to link everybody to the latest webcomic I found, Flipside. 600 pages of archive, so get cracking!