Morgion and Marina 155: SHAKE SHAKE

13Jan06 (Monthenor): Morgion expressed displeasure that he was the one who finally berated me into giving up on Shadow the Hedgehog, yet didn't appear in the comic. So I'm sitting this one out, although I'm not sure what Monty could even add here. It's already a (relatively) mammoth nine panels.

The...single-minded anime girl pictured is Marina Lightyears, heroine of Mischief Makers for the N64. I had heard nothing but love for this game on my Internets so I hunted down a cheap copy on eBay. Other than that, the only thing I knew about the game was that everyone who talked about it would eventually, invariably, say "SHAKE SHAKE!" I thought it was a meme, some in-joke for Treasure fans. I knew the mechanics of the game revolved around grabbing things and then either throwing them or, yes, shaking them, but...I was wholly unprepared for what happened when the game arrived this week.

You have to understand that this game is on a cartridge...they just didn't have room for orchestral musical scores or fully-voiced cutscenes. Conker's Bad Fur Day is an exception, but it's an exception to most rules. Anyway, it wasn't often that a developer would use valuable cartridge space for even small voice samples. But this game, every time you press the shake button Marina yells in a cutesy anime-girl voice. She yells "SHAKE SHAKE!"

Every time.

This game is awesome.