Monty and Morgion 072: Cocktail Party

12Dec03 (Monthenor): What's all this? Humanoids? CG backgrounds? Fingers? Yes, you are still at GerbilMechs...I thought I'd do something different this time around. This happens to be my favoritest comic I've ever done. Yorda, who you might remember from the last time we made fun of her, is the female companion of Ico (the horned boy in the first panel). Fara was so useful in Prince of Persia, it just underscored how pathetic the frail, ADHD Yorda was. Opening magic doors is nice and all, but she couldn't so much as slap an oncoming demon. Fara gets all in their face with her attitude and her longbow, and she can open doors, crawl through cracks, and pull switches. That is, in the lingo, strictly better.