Monty and Morgion 049: Have You Seen This Product?

13Jun03 (Monthenor): I hope Red Baron appreciates all the free advertising we're giving their tasty ex-food product.

Still plugging away at System Shock 2, which by now you are ALL playing, right? Anyway, the completely expected twist occurred today, accompanied by a trippy "voice in the void" sequence. I don't like it when this game gets dark. Bad things happen in the dark. In fact, bad things happen in the dark and then leap out into the light to get me. I've started running into stupid goddamn spiders, and I now understand why there's a "no-spider" patch available. They're small, fast, poisonous, strong, and take far too many bullets to put down. But I am super-ha><0r, and I shall prevail!

Had a great day today. I finally located somebody that had/could make touch up paint for my poor aging neglected car exterior. I pushed to deck 4 in SS2. My new RAM showed up, meaning the 11-13 day shipping took only 7. And my new computer rig needs only a kickin' video card to last another four years. Sweeeeet.

Leveraging My Fractional Constituency
Morgion // 06.13.03 - 22.47

OK, I'm using the phrase out of context (which I shall someday have to post; the Provolt Algorithm is a thing of beauty), but it's what came to mind while thinking of my impending post.

I don't have to do everything now. I don't have to redesign all of GerbilMechs now. I can start with stylesheets in a Transitional template, and phase the rest in later. I don't have to finish everything involved in getting Ambient Shadow off the ground the next time I sit down and start on it. I can focus on the more troubling sections of that damnable User Agreement.

I don't have to deal with everything I'm juggling simultaneously; one thing at a time, and let upward momentum and gravity manage the rest.

And I don't have to post everything now. I can just post my interest and curiosity in the touch-free PowerBook keyboard replacement, the FingerWorks TouchScreen MacNTouch… other TechyWordFusion thingies.