Monty and Morgion 047: The Thin Pink Line

24May03 (Monthenor): Boy, Vixen has been waiting a long time for this comic. It's been well established that Trading Spaces is one of our favorite shows despite its themes of cleaning and decorating. There are, however, lines that should not be crossed, and apparently Justice and Atlas have crossed it of their own volition. That's Justice on the left. I figured the time was finally ripe to do this comic, seeing as how Justice is out of town for the summer and can't defend himself in person, and Atlas is dating Vixen so, y'know, blame her :P

Sorry about being so late with the update, but I was up until 4:30 AM playing the new Matrix game. It definitely has its pacing problems, and the levels where you steer the Logos through the tunnels were poorly designed (I took a shortcut through the board by ramming through a wall to get outside the tunnels), but it should also be required for all fans of the movie. It has about an hour of exclusive live footage that fleshes out backstory, including the introduction of the new Oracle and a lot more playtime in the Merovingian's chateau. Good stuff, and probably integral to the plot of Matrix 3.

I'm going to take next week off from the comic. I know, the GM plot is at a turning point, but between my game-filled Memorial Day weekend and leaving for my cousin's graduation next Friday, I don't think I'll have decent comic time. So, no comics next week.