Monty & Morgion 004 : Fan Fan

06Jul02 (Monthenor): I'm stuck in %@#* Alexandria for the weekend for a wedding. I hated the town when I had to live there, and it isn't any better now that I have an alternative. It's the typical small-town bullshit: they think they have crime, they think they have gangs (and their "gangs" think they're gangs), they think their morals are the center of the universe even though Alex skews heavily towards old people. A juice bar is a semi-big deal in Fargo; a juice bar would be the target of terrorist attacks in Alex. Hell, it was a big deal when the local Taco Bell finally got a deep-fryer.

Fortunately, the wedding should take up most of Saturday evening, so I won't have to sit around watching network TV (ugh) and picking my navel lint. And there's always the possibility that my car's oil pan will explode just outside of Moorhead and I'll have to come back.

For those of you in Fargo, I present a tentative plan for next week. See, on Friday we have the grand openings of Reign of Fire and Halloween: Resurrection. So starting Sunday, Morgion and I are planning on watching the Halloween series. 'Cause it's kind of tradition. We only have seven movies to get through this time, one of which could probably be skipped since it has NOTHING to do with Michael Myers, and we're spreading it out over five days. That's nothing. That's cake!

And then the next Friday we finally get to see Eight Legged Freaks. I'm so psyched.