GerbilMechs 168: The Final Word

24Jan06 (Monthenor): So. There it is. GerbilMechs is now complete.

When I started the comic back in May of 2002 (!) I had three scenes in mind. I had a rough plot outline, of course, and I knew pretty much how it would start and end. But three pages were already mentally finished before the first page was drawn. I had the Bodie-with-wings page, which is cliche angel symbolism but fuck you. I had the cafeteria scene, which got stretched to more than one page but was still essentially the same. And then I had today. Whatever else I did, I had to make sure I had winged Bodie, lunchtime bigotry, and finish up with a hamster compatriot dead in Bodie's arms.

The next step is 52 Yo Mama, which again is mostly written in my head, but it may not actually happen for years. I'm serious. I've gotta get on this graduation thing, and then I'll have to nail down exactly what everyone looks like.