GerbilMechs 154: Show of Solidarity

27Sep05 (Monthenor): I thought I was out. I'd been good, stayed clean for over six months. But it's the least little thing that can tip you over the edge.

And when you're suddenly bludgeoned with more than the least little thing, well!

On Saturday I discovered that the sequel to X-Men Legends had been unleashed. Why didn't anybody warn me? Why, out of all the webcomics and gaming forums I read, had I heard absolutely nothing about this game? It took an aside from 8-Bit Theater to clue me in? For shame, Internet!

This knowledge was all it took to get me back on the GameFly teat. Cursed, beautiful GameFly! With seven months of absence, a rather large list of top-tier games accumulated on the PS2, and now I get to play the cream of the entire year all at once.

But first is definitely X-Men Legends 2. It's rare enough to find a game that Morgion will even try. But to have one that both of us are hot to play, and to have cooperative ass-kicking as well?

Also: Deadpool!